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Product Design & Prototyping

Our part design engineers all have a very good knowledge of the mould structure, they can design a reasonable and reliable part structure according to the customers’ requirement with consideration of lowering the tooling cost to create maximum value for customers.
We can not only help arrange to make prototypes and analysis for products, but also help with the testing of the prototypes and the realization of the function of the products.
We have long-term reliable electronic supplier which can offer one package service of electronic design, sample making and mass production.
Here with Plasticnavi’s help, your idea, sketch, or design can become real products. 

The regular software we use is AUTOCAD, PRO-E, SOLID WORK, UG, etc, and can transfer the format to EXE, EASM, DWG, PDF, X_T, IGS, STP, etc.

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