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Quality Standard

1) Before starting a mould, the project meeting by experienced engineers studies and discusses each system to ensure they are reliable in a long life.
2) We only purchase steel and mould base from the big and reliable companies like LKM and MINGLEE with material certificate to guarantee the quality.
3) The steel heat-treatment is done by its supplier - the big steel company.
4) We measure the steel after each machining process.
5) Every worker was trained to uniformly treat all details of each mould.
6) A project meeting after the mould test studies the testing conditions and problems happened, and discusses the solutions.
7) After a mould test, we measure the part samples with the drawing and record the measurement report.
8) Before packing a mould, we open the mould to check every insert to ensure the quality.
9) We only buy original plastic resin from the original manufactory, the official distributor, or the approved supplier by the client for mass production.

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