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About Us - plastic tooling and molding expert
Plastic Navigation Industrial Ltd is a custom manufacturer of plastic injection moulds and parts molding in south of China (1 hour driving from HongKong airport). We can design the products according to customer’s plan or concept and make professional structure evaluation of customer’s part design. We offer full range of professional plastic tooling and molding solution: mould design & engineering, precision mould making (tool maker) of international standards, part injection molding (injection moulder) of high quality as well as the post processing and assembly of products all in one package service.

We can be your product development and custom manufacturing partner, and make your design, plan or even just an idea become real products.

We have below projects and mould engineering experiences:
Plastic tooling and molding of Household appliances
Plastic tooling and molding of Electronic and Electrical products
Plastic tooling and molding of Automotive parts
Plastic tooling and molding of Medical and Healthcare tools
Plastic tooling and molding of Toys
Plastic tooling and molding of various Mechanical parts and Gears

Why Choose Us - your custom manufacturing partner

Professional structure analysis and the best plastic tooling and molding solution by the experienced engineering team;
Project management of your projects with timely communication and weekly update by qualified engineers.


Low cost of custom mould making and plastic injection molding at a very high quality.

Design for manufacture  – We are more than just another tooling and molding factory … ask us for FREE design advice of your projects.

Our stable team and strict quality system ensure the stable manufacturing quality of injection moulds and plastic molding parts.


Recent Photos - mould making and injection molding
  • Special core mould
  • Multi-cavity mould
  • Becu inserted mould
  • PPS rotor
  • Plated part

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